Vino Bianco Mun Crü

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Vino Bianco Mun Crü

Mun Crü – in Piedmontese dialect, literally “raw bricks” – is the name that has always been used to indicate this particular area of Neive.

As the production is very limited, it is always offered first to our historical customers.

Grape variety
Exposure and altitude
South-East - 270m asl
System and plant
Guyot 4.400-5.000 vines/ha
Sensory notes

Bright and intense yellow, with golden reflections. Elegant floral notes, jasmine, hints of sweet citrus peel, white peach and acacia honey.
Intriguing structure, full of flavors. Round and balanced, savory and with a long finish.


It goes very well with appetizers, first courses, white or red meats, cheeses fresh and medium-aged. Recommended serving temperature 10-12°C

the winemaking

The wine, like the vineyard, must be respected, even in time

The harvest is always done by hand, with great attention.
The pressing takes place mechanically, allowing a soft processing, which expels the whole stalks and does not crush the seeds.

The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place in steel tanks. The pomace remains in contact with the must for 8 days, kept in immersion by pumping over. In this first phase the wine is enriched with the fundamental elements: perfume, color, tannins

“Mun Crü” always and only ages in steel (no wood), for a pure expression of the vine / territory.

Bottling follows, always in the waning moon phase.
No filtrations or clarifications are carried out, in order to keep the structure of the wine perfectly intact.

One last step to rest in the bottle, before being labeled and put on the market. The wine, like the vineyard, must be respected, even in time.