Barbera d'Alba DOC

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Barbera d'Alba DOC

This Barbera d’Alba is produced from the assembly of two vineyards, one located in the village of Barbaresco and one in the village of Neive.

It comes from old clones and from a particular selection, fermented in steel and aged in large Slavonian oak barrels for about 12/15 months.

Grape variety
Exposure and altitude
East, sunny until sunset - 230m asl (Three Stars)
South / South-east - 285m asl (Marcorino)
System and plant
Guyot 4.400-5.000 vines/ha
Sensory notes

Intense and brilliant ruby ​​red tending to garnet. Red berries, snappy, good acid structure, but fine and elegant.
Warm, harmonious and persistent finish. Great drinkability.


Thanks the structure and acidity, it pairs well not only with red meats and medium-aged cheeses, but also with first courses and fish

the winemaking

The wine, like the vineyard, must be respected, even in time.

The harvest is always done by hand, with great attention.
The pressing takes place mechanically, allowing a gentle press, which expels the whole stalks and does not crush the seeds.

The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place in steel tanks. The maceration with the skins varies according to the vintage, generally around 15/20 days. In this first phase the wine develops fundamental elements: perfume, color, tannins.

Subsequently the wine is moved into large Slavonian (Garbellotto) and Swiss (Suppiger) oak barrels – not toasted – where it ages for about 12 – 15 months.

Bottling follows, always in the waning moon phase.
No filtrations or clarifications are carried out, in order to maintain the structure of the wine perfectly intact.

One last step to rest in the bottle, before being labeled and released to the market. The wine, like the vineyard, must be respected, even in time.

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