the region

In harmony with our surrondings

A unique environment, whose biodiversity we work to sustain, with a rich history protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Tradition, respect for nature, elegance: three words to never forget and closely linked to each other.

We have always used traditional methods for manufacturing. Ambitious by nature, we constantly try to improve ourselves, innovating in small details. Step by step.

Working directly in the vineyards, taking care year after year row by row, the awareness grows with you of how perfect nature is and human intervention must truly be light, careful and responsible.

The soil in our vineyards is of marine origin, with a compact stratification – the subsoil composed mainly of silt, clay and sand. Gray, bluish and calcareous marl with a notable presence of underground spring water. These attributes, along with our microclimate and favorable exposures, yeild an unmistakably elegant mark on the wines of the Langa.

Davide is resonsible for the agricultural facets of production, in which the whole family collaborates. His attentive sensibility and clear philosophy underpin every decision, which is crucial considering the variation in the factors each year according to the climatic conditions.

The control of the vegetation on the ground is rigorously done by machine with inter-row hoeing, shredding and winter ripening. The treatments based on copper and mine sulfur reduced to a minimum. All our vineyards are certified organic.

We live in a unique territory with strong traditions

And we feel the responsibility to protect it.


Surrounded by vineyards

Eyes on Barbaresco, feet in Tre Stelle.

In the silence of the countryside full of voices, scents and images of the past that belong to the history of every man, immersed in the rows of generous Barbaresco, lives our small farmhouse that an ancient farmer built more than a hundred years ago.
Intuition and wisdom were precious to him.

Solid stones for the walls, two wells for water, the stable, a barn, woodshed, grainary, cool cellar and courtyard sheltered from the winds, some rooms for living in and the most capturing, colorful views for meditation: the Rio Sordo valley with the small train station, the hills with tidy vineyards, the background of austere castles that follow one another from La Morra to Asti and finally the Alps from Monviso to Monte Rosa.

Perhaps this farmer suspected that one day his little house would wake up in the center of one of the most known and appreciated lands in our region.
The Langhe, the Roero, and Monferrato surround what was once his home.

A stratified soil: blue marl, calcareous earth, sandy parts and a large mineral component.

The final result is the character and the elegant finesse that we find in the glass

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