the cascina

Since 1948, Cascina delle Rose

Our never-ending story – made up of home, vineyards, winery, family and friends

our story

A story of love, work and encounters

It all began right after the WWII – with Giovanna’s grandparents, Beatrice and Ferdinando Rizzolio. The two fell in love with this house – struck by it’s panoramic hills against the backdrop of the Alps.

We hold dear memories shared on our property – playing freely in the fields; the comfort found in a glass of freshly drawn milk – the cream coating our tounges; our jovial temperments throughout the fests celebrating the threshing of wheat; evening tales shared while stripping fresh corn; the hard earned ache in our knees from collecting the fallen hazelnuts, the alluring perfume eminating from large vats of grapes moving through fermentation.

In 1974 the need for real things pushed Giovanna to move permanently to this house, one of her most intense memories. From here a dream was born: to give continuity to her grandparents’ farm. And also the path towards serenity and tranquility. .
Thus began our never ending story: the house, the vineyards, the cellar and the family.

With the arrival of Italo and their two sons Davide and Riccardo, we have begun to trace a new path that represents our present and our future.

A challenge started by Giovanna and which she faces today in the company of Italo.

The wines

With the enthusiasm of Davide, Best Winemaker Under 40 (Autochtona Award 2020).

The wines

And Riccardo's constant vision, with his gaze always fixed on the future.

The wines

a place in harmony

"Arrive as guests and leave as friends"

The suites reside within the farmhouse, each with an independent entrance through the shared garden. In designing these suites we kept in mind the needs of our guest, who may be traveling with a partner, friends, or family and whose visit to the Langa may be driven by an array of motives – an ambitous goal. Ultimately we strive to curate an enviroment that allows our guest to reset – to reignite that flame often suffocated by habit and stress.

For years we have hosted friends in this house. We watched as they gazed upon the natural spectacle that is this land, in a sustained state of awe. We watched as they absorbed, like children, the peace and serenity in our culture countryside, as they rediscovered curiosity and gave attention to in the pace of their everyday lives might have seemed insignificant. We watched as they left, unwantingly and with a great desire to soon return. We didn’t have to do anything for them, just let them free to live;

In 1992 a family close friend, during a visit, was impressed by an unusual interaction: Patata (our dog), Mimì (our cat) and a swallow at play.

That design has become our logo: our representation of harmony