cascina delle rose

Dedicated to those who, like us, still know how to live in fairy tales

We are a family of artisans who produce wine in harmony with nature, and believe in the importance of respect and community. For more than 25 years we have kept open the doors of our home to travelers from all over the world. This is our dream, which we work to preserve, with passion, day after day.

Our story

the region

We live in peace with ourselves, and in harmony with our surronding enviroment

You can find us in the Langa region, more specifically Tre Stelle within the commune of Barbaresco. The landscape striking – winding roads through rolling hills cloaked in vines, the valley carved by the Tanaro river, framed by a panorama of the imposing Alps mountain range.

We love our territory and have always respected it, working with nature’s time and choosing the least invasive processes, in continuity with tradition.

Today, Cascina delle Rose is a relatively small property – comprised of roughly 6 hectares of land, 5 of which are vineyards, the rest hazelnut groves and woods.

The house and land was acquired by the Rizzolio family in 1948. At this point wine was not the focus – the only wine produced here was for the family’s yearly consumption. However, over time this amount was increased and by ’84 – ’85 the land’s full grape yield was made into wine. Today our production is ~30,000 bottles per year.

Wines that express the identity of the territory.

Complexity. Elegance. Fineness.

Discover our wines

Visit and taste

Taste and understand the character of the Langa territory

Our visits and tastings are professional, carried out exclusively by reservation for both trade and enthusiasts. During our time together, we will view the vineyards, pass through the cellar, and finish with the wine tasting. As our focus is the wine, we do not offer foods with our tasting.

As we are a small, family run operation, our focus is in managing our production and therefore, may not always be able to perfectly accomodate request, but we do our best and appreciate your understanding. With notice, we are able to accommodate small groups (maximum of 8 people). Please write us for more information.


"Arrive as guests and leave as friends"

The suites reside within the farmhouse, each with an independent entrance through the shared garden. In designing these suites we kept in mind the needs of our guest, who may be traveling with a partner, friends, or family and whose visit to the Langa may be driven by an array of motives – an ambitous goal. Ultimately we strive to curate an enviroment that allows our guest to reset – to reignite that flame often suffocated by habit and stress.

Each suite includes a small kitchen, or kitchenette, equipped with all you might need for breakfast, a private bathroom with large showers, and a spectacular view of Barbaresco, the Rio Sordo valley and the Alps.