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Our wines

Cascina delle Rose is a small business acquired from the Rizzolio family on 1948, situated in Rio Sordo, one of the historical cru of Barbaresco. The propriety is 5 hectares of land: 4,5 of vineyard and 0,3 is used for hazelnuts, the rest is a little wood and the house.

The position and the wealth of the underground water have been a fundamental elements to get to this choice.

Soil and dense stratification, from the blue marls (tufi) to the calcareous ones with little sandy veins (draining) and a remarkable mineral components, give as the final result the character  and the elegant finesse that we find in the glass.

The passion for the high quality wines has been hand on from a generation to another.

At the beginning we used to press only the grapes necessary for family and friends use and after the 1984-85 we start pressing 100% of the grapes, today the annual production is about 25/27.000 bottles in total.

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