Rizzolio Bice e Nando

Our history

As soon as the war finished my grandparents Beatrice and Ferdinando fell in love with this beautiful, unique house with the most wonderful views over our hills, surrounded by the most breathtaking Alps.

I carry with me some splendid childhood memories, such as warm milk just milked from the cow’s udder, of joyful days in the farmyard for the threshing of wheat, or beautiful moonlit evenings enlightened by tales and legends, that remind me of those days when my knees hurt through kneeling for hours on end gathering the hazelnuts into huge baskets, and those distinct intense perfume of the grapes fermenting in the cellars which surrounded us for miles on end!

In 1974 the need of “true things” moved me once for all in this house,  where again I found my most intense memories.

Since that moment my dream began… To continue my grandparents  activity, which also means my very own walk towards serenity and peace.

This is how we began our story…endless:  the House, the Vineyards, the Cellar and the Family.

In 1997 Italo and his sons joined me, Davide and Riccardo: our present and future.



A dear friend captured the playing image of Patata (the dog) and Mimi (the cat) that with a swallow given Birth to our logo: the Harmony representation.

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